Diamond Elite Training 2016

Monthly closing dates – 2016

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Business opportunity

  • We offer you a most transparent simple and innovative commission system.
  • We reward our Club members’ work with free trips, training programmes and extra competitions.
  • You can enjoy the advantages of our payback system from the very first moment of starting your business.
  • We combined minimum requirements with maximum benefits.
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The consumption of Flavon max is recommended to everyone,

  • who wants to supplement the recommended daily intake of fruits in a balanced way.
  • who considers it important to provide themselves and their families with a multi-awarded product coming from reliable sources.
  • who does not consume enough fruit every day.
  • who wants to complement their current nutrition with an innovative dietary supplement.

The consumption of Flavon kids is recommended to everyone,

  • who wishes to consume a product which contains the majority of fruits’ active substances.
  • for all children who do not consume enough fruit and vegetables.
  • who would like to cover part of their fruit and vitamin needs with a product designed especially for children.
  • who wants to provide their children with a natural and reliable dietary supplement.

The consumption of Flavon max Plus+ is recommended to,

  • everyone who is subjected to increased physical strain day by day.
  • who are subjected to constant intellectual or physical stress.
  • who pay extra attention to their health and condition of their body.
  • Osportspeople who consider it important to provide the best performance possible both physically and spiritually.

The consumption of Flavon Green is recommended to everyone,

  • who cannot pay enough attention to take in sufficient vegetables.
  • who would like to consume vegetables in a new form they have not tried before.
  • who considers it important to continuously take in active vegetable substances from a pure source.
  • who is a conscientious consumer.

The consumption of Flavon Active is recommended to everyone

  • who wants to choose a healthy stimulation
  • who want to successfully meet the complex challenges of the 21st century
  • who would like to enjoy the benefits of today’s super fruits
  • who want to enhance their body’s magnesium and zinc balance as well

Who do we recommend Flavon Protect for?

  • Those who feel that their body needs more protection.
  • Those who wish for something new, something different from the usual, a natural and reliable dietary supplement.
  • Those who would like to consume the plant pigments of several fruits in one product.
  • Those for whom the variety of their diet is important.

The consumption of Flavon® Green Plus+ is recommended for those:

  • who don’t have enough time to pay attention to the intake of the necessary vegetable amount daily
  • who would like to consume a vegetable based product in a new, revolutionary form
  • who think that ensuring the continuous intake of vegetable substances from pure source is important
  • who are health-conscious consumers.
Flavon GPS
The revolution
of network building
With a turnover coming from above and with the help of an automated framework it divides the 60% basic payback equally among the members of the team
You can achieve a passive income coming from 12, 20 or even infinitive depth by having only 2 directly sponsored members
By using GPS, the width and depth of your team will be optimized
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Flavon Traditional System
A steady network structure, working to justify its existence for 10 years
With its outstanding payback
it is one of the market-leaders
even on international level
For consuming the product, everybody is entitled to get the complete 60% basic payback from 12 levels depth
Minimized requirements you have never seen before in network building

Traditional System
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