Flavon max

The first member of the Flavon max product family was launched in the summer of 2004. Since then more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers have proved its excellent effects and quality.

It is its special manufacturing process and naturalness that make this product unique. Breaking with our previous practice, we offer the ingredients necessary for the human body in the shape of a delicious and easily consumable product instead of pills or powder. Perfect quality and complexity are among the other cornerstones of our production.

Why is Flavon max necessary?

The lifestyle of 21st century people, with its daily stress, polluted environment, excessive medicine consumption, smoking, and nutrition deficiencies have extremely bad effects on our body and organism. Our body needs help to overcome these negative effects.

Flavon max contains vegetable colouring matters.

Among these polyphenols, flavonoids, antocyan, proantocyanids and carotinoids are the most important ones. These vegetable matters of outstanding antioxidant effect have come to the fore in scientific research. Research findings have proved that they play a very important role in healthy nutrition.

It is the special production process that allows the components to go into the product with their values instead of extract form.

Contains no preservatives.

OÉTI registration number: 10029/2011

Flavon GPS
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Traditional System
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