Flavon group has received numerous national and international recognitions for its products, business model and its successful and outstanding operational results. We are proud that professional bodies, independent professional juries deliver their opinion on our work and acknowledge us since these certificates may further strengthen the consumers’ belief and trust in our company. We repeatedly look for new challenges to increase the reputation of the Flavon brand.


Hungarian Product Award – Flavon products 2007/2011/2014/2015/2016

The Hungarian Quality Product Award trademark has certified the continuously supervised outstandingly good quality and reliability among products and their related services. The aim of the tender is – among others – to recognize the consistently high quality of products and services produced or distributed in Hungary, encourage service development and contribute to the manufacturer market work and improvement of export activity of products qualified with this award.

Independent experts are assessing the tenders through multi-stage testing and certification procedure. The also „competition of quality” called Hungarian Quality Product Award – winners are all of them prominent figures of their professional field, who are showing a good example to contribute to the development of the economy, the increase of the prestige of the quality Hungarian product at home and abroad as well.

2007 Qualified Product Title – Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon Max +
2011 Hungarian Quality Product Award – Flavon product line
2014 Hungarian Quality Product Award – Flavon product line
2015 Hungarian Quality Product Award – Flavon Green+
2016 Hungarian Quality Product Award – Flavon Joy

MONDE SELECTION GRAND GOLD/GOLD AWARD - Flavon products 2012/2014/2015/2016

The Monde Selection was established in Brussel in 1961 with the purpose of testing and evaluating consumer goods. Thousands of products are nominated each year to win the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold Awards of the Belgian organization. Beside sensory and laboratory examinations the qualified jury makes the decision according to the results achieved in the following fields: law accordance, packaging, labelling, health- and environment consciousness, innovation. Our products have achieved several times the highest ranking nomination in the Diet & Health category.

2012 Grand Gold Award - Flavon Max +
2014 Grand Gold Award - Flavon Protect
2015 Grand Gold Award – Flavon Green +
2016 Gold Award – Flavon Joy

Enterprise of the Future 2015 – Flavon Group Polska sp.z o.o. 2015

The Foundation for Higher Education and Training Development and the PRC Agency of Poland established the „National Certification Program” which is a proof of that our company operates according to the strictest corporate management policies. The award committee made its decision based on a number of sources (intelligence agencies, publicly available information, independent contacts etc.) according to which our company successfully and effectively linked the various areas concerning its operation: including the quality management tasks, the active participation at the international market of dietary supplements and even the workflows concerning economic issues. The goals of the company have been realized consistently therefore the quality of the services offered by the company continues to rise. The innovations introduced by the company give an example of a well-thought and cross-border distribution system.The Flavon Group Polska was evaluated as a company led by modern means and according to the newest management theory models.

BUSINESS SUPERBRANDS - Flavon Group Brand 2013/2014/2015

Superbrands is the most significant evaluation system of brands, honoring leading brands in almost 90 countries. The primary goal of Superbrands Hungary is to get the finest brands – not only to the professional but – to the wider audience. The soul of Business Superbrands program is the committee of voluntary experts, its members are noted and recognized professionals who know the business sector well. The committee, by monitoring half a million working enterprises, creates a list, which includes about 3000 brands and companies , domestic companies with the biggest profit, the chambers of trade and industry of certain sectors, associations, smaller companies recommended by professional organizations are all represented as they count as the excellence of business life. The professional colleges of the committee of experts value the brands and companies of more than 100 categories by scoring. The result of this scoring is the final list containing the finest B2B brands of Hungary, of which now Flavon Group is also a member.

SUPERBRANDS - Flavon max Brand 2014/2015/2016

The Superbrands trademark is a communication tool for the awarded brand that indicates quality, teaches consciousness, and strengthens decisions. In co-operation with the GfK Customer Research Institute the team of Superbrands made a survey about the most well-known and most popular brands in the framework of an online examination using a national representative sample of 800 people.

FAIR PLAY ENTERPRISE - Flavon Group Polska sp.z o.o. 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016

Our Polish company, the Flavon Group Polska sp.z.o.o won the prestigious „Fair Play Enterprise” award in 2013 for the 3rd time after 2011 and 2012 therefore it received the „Gold Fair Play” recognition which goes to those companies which won the „Fair Play Enterprise” award in 3 consecutive years. After that in 2014 it won for the 4th time the honourable „Fair Play” award. This initiative was established to recognize those enterprises that adhere to the principles of corporate social responsibility and go under audits carried out by independent institutions. The program has set as its primary goal to support of ethical economic activity which also means that the companies act in all cases according to the appropriate standards of conduct with their clients, the local and national authorities as well.

At the award such aspects are considered as for example the business methods of the enterprises and their style of leadership, achieved economic results and the quality of their products.

The "Fair Play Enterprise" title is a prestigious recognition for the Polish and foreign companies as well which provides clear proof of that the award-winning enterprise is authentic in every aspect and in business it is in full compliance with the highest ethical standards.

Golden Certificate of Reliability - Flavon Group Polska sp.z o.o. 2014/2015/2016

It proves the strong market position, business practice granting high moral standards and social responsibility of our Polish company. Companies awarded have a wide range of activity and there is a thing they all have in common – operation based on ethical standards, reliability and honest work.

LAUREL OF TRUST - Flavon Group Polska sp.z o.o. 2014

The Polish „Laurel of Trust” company group decided to evaluate companies based on reliability, fair operation but first of all on the authenticity in front of the law and the consumers. Flavon Group Polska sp.z o.o. belongs to the small circle of enterprises that could win the „Laurel of Trust” title.

MAGYARBRANDS (HUNGARIAN BRANDS) - Flavon max brand 2012/2013/2014/2016

The program awards brands with Hungarian relevance which deservedly represent Hungarian enterprises in our country and beyond our borders as well. Values linked to the awarded brands of MagyarBrands assure tangible advantages to the consumers and business partners that are key components for maintaining success.

The selection is conducted within an application system determined by the Expert Committee of MagyarBrands. The Hungarian brands can submit their applications either in a consumer or a business category.

In the first round of evaluation the past of the brands, the ownership, the employment, and identity are investigated to decide about which brands can take part in the second part of evaluation. In the second round tradition, reputation, identity, popularity and likeability are the brand value indicators on the basis of which the rank of the awarded brands is created.

EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARDS - Flavon Group 2011/2012-13

The European Business Awards were established in 2007 in order to recognize the most innovative, successful businesses of the European continent. The companies representing more than 30 nations are competing for the prestigious „Ruban d’honneur” award, which will be given out at the European Business Awards gala, in Barcelona. The European Business Award is the continent’s largest economic award, which measures the successfulness of the participant’s business modell and their innovative performance. The promoters contact more than 10.000 business organizations during the tender, and Flavon Group Kft. is one of its prestigious national champions.

2011 Flavon Group Kft. one of the 10 best companies representing Hungary
2012-13 Flavon Group Kft. one of the 5 best companies representing Hungary

VALUE AND QUALITY SPECIAL AWARD - GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft., Flavon products 2014

Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection gave its „Value and Quality” Special Award to GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kft. for its Flavon product line. The Authority highlighted that Flavon products were fruit and vegetable based dietary supplements with gel-consistency, made of natural ingredients only and the product line had an excellent physiological effect.


The Network Magazine is an independent Polish journal. It covers topics which include network marketing and direct sales, and its certificates are given for competence, responsibility, ethical operation, and the support of MLM profession. Since its founding in 2004, this award has been given only five times and was won by Flavon Group Polska as well. The editorial office makes its decision according to these criteria (as the general editor phrased): “Several years of good standing in the public opinion, reliability, ethics, as well as provisions relating to the possibility of creating potential for business development of the staff."

House of Hungarian Quality Award 2007/2010

The Hungarian National Committee foundedy by the European Organization for Quality founded the Hungarian Quality Association in 1991 the fundamental aim of which is to develop the quality culture of domestic economy and popularize domestic products and services of outstanding quality. One could apply for the award with products that are manufactured in Hungary, have outstanding quality features, their quality is steady due to the applied certified quality control system.  Complying with these requirements, Flavon products were awarded as well.

2007 Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon Max +

2010 Flavon Green

Hungarian Agricultural Quality Award – GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. 2009

It recognizes and awards a national prize to those domestic agricultural organizations that in the course of their work are verifiably committed to quality issues, and attach great importance to quality work, are eager to produce good-quality products steadily and provide top-quality services. Up to five enterprises are granted this award once a year. Fundamental criteria of application were to respect the rules of environmental and animal protection, high-quality production, innovation, the development and distribution of foodstuffs that contribute to healthy nutrition. Futher conditions were that the company be free of public dues and debt, and the candidate’s activity comply with the quality requirements provided by law. The candidates were assessed by the nine-member Committee of the Hungarian Agricultural Quality Award, and the final decision was made on the basis of their proposal by the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize Tender – Flavon Products 2007/2008

The association considers every activity innovation, which is defined to be innovation by the so-called Oslo Manual: „Innovation is the introduction of a new or significantly improved product (goods or services) or process, a new marketing method, or an organizational-operational method.”

2007 GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. and the Flavon Group Kft. - Flavon product line, Flavon max Consumer Club
2008 GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. - Flavon Green

Regional Innovation Award of Észak-Alföld [Northern Great Plain Region] - GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. 2007

The aim of the award is to recognize developers’ works yielding outstanding achievements or outstanding individual performances that, realize product development, technological development, IT system development, or service development in the region. The starting-point of innovation can be the application of research-development findings, licence, know-how or the application of innovative technology.

Certificate of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association - GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. 2007

Those dynamically improving domestic companies are recognized that embody enterprising mentality striving after innovation, creation, and whose business model can set an example to other Hungarian enterprises.

Üzlet és Siker [Business & Success] qualified enterprise – GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. 2007

The tender of Üzlet & Siker [Business & Success] magazine, designed for small and medium size undertakings,  aims at appraising the innovative skills and competitiveness of small and medium size undertakings in a unique way. The professional jury recognized GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kft. as a dynamically developing, profitable undertaking of a promising strategy.

Favoured Quality Product of Hajdú-Bihar County – Flavon products 2007

The award is given to products, items or intellectual constructions that can be mass produced and traded and such outstanding products that are made of ingredients characteristic of Hajdú-Bihar country, and are basically created by the work of the people of county, and their appearance is also unique.

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