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In order to reach outstanding results, according to Krisztina, only a few components are needed: enthusiasm, belief in our sponsor’s knowledge our company’s mission, following the guidelines of our role models, committed support of our workmates and forwarding the theoretical and practical knowledge that can be copied by anyone. The owners of Flavon, Johanna Sziklás and László Gaál set an exceptional role for her regarding all of them.

Real success is not about money or badges. She believes that success means having her friends she can trust in and she can work with.

She is grateful to her friends who joined her, and thanks to their work a fantastic team have been created including near 200.000 people. She is grateful to the enthusiasm of each of her workmates that contributed to the emergence of Krisztina’s 7 President Club members. More than 50 Diamond Elite and near 100 Elite leaders have qualified in her team and many of them reached Team Leader and Team Leader Plus ranks (all together more than 1000 leaders have qualified in 32 countries).



Barbara is a professional artist who graduated from college as a manager, while Ryszard is an electrical mechanic by profession. They learned about the opportunity given by Flavon in 2006. They work professionally and provide the utmost possible in all works of life, their work at Flavon has been honoured by numerous awards and prizes. What Ryszard is the most proud of is having received the MLM Business Awards Top Leader award in 2015 meaning that based on his performance in the previous year he was chosen as the number one Poland’s highest-paid MLM leader. They believe that Flavon is the best decision they have ever made. Their enthusiasm has been growing proportionally with the passing of the years and the growth of experience. They are excited about the future because they would like to do and achieve much more things. They are working on opening new markets and they also ensure comfortable conditions for their workmates – no matter in which corner of the world they are -  to be able to work and improve properly. They are extremely proud of their network and they would like to build their future on them and Flavon and that is how they would like to grow old.



25 years ago Ewa was desperately looking for an opportunity to make money. At that time she worked for the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology and she was very dissatisfied with her job. That was the time when MLM knocked on her door and she fell in love with it immediately. She had gained experience in different companies and then heard about Flavon in 2006. “Heart beating and delusion” – said Ewa who finally found what she was looking for. Her excitement and eager enjoyment soon turned into passion because she found the tool for her desired life style. Today she and her husband, Janek proudly promote the business both in Poland and beyond its borders. One of her biggest teams works in the United Kingdom with fantastic leaders from London. Security that Flavon provides is important to her. She likes having a business that makes people’s hearts glow and guarantees people who make efforts a better, fulfilled life. She loves looking at the sparkling eyes when they discover the health, success and satisfaction that are present at Flavon.



Ferenc lives in Zalaegerszeg with his family, which means the greatest motivation for him. In the earlier stage of his life he was looking for possibilities continuously, tried many things, and worked for multi-level marketing companies as well, with more or less success. He had been working for an insurance company for years when he got acquainted with Flavon in 2004, and he immediately knew that this was the opportunity he had been waiting for: a likeable product, a simple marketing, and accessible passive income. He started to work with great impulse and even greater enthusiasm, and the results came fast, Flavon proved to be successful. He is really proud of his colleagues, leaders, thanks to whom the Flavon has reached tens of thousands of families. The greatest feeling he has while working is that he can help them reach their goals and can be part of their success. The most unique thing at Flavon, as he sees it, is the company’s reward system, the recognition for people’s work and performance. He took part in plenty of incentive tours with his colleagues with whom he can think alike. Alike, however differently from the average. He believes that is the secret!

His motto: “… I have learned that everybody wants to live at the top of the mountain without realizing that true happiness lies in the way we climb the slope.”



Before Flavon, Emilia and Piotr as employees worked for smaller and larger companies as well, then aiming at becoming independent they established their own business, so they perfectly know the difference between being an employee, an entrepreneur and being part of network marketing. They have two children who are taught to be health-conscious by people who are eager to succeed. The children often say proudly in the nursery that their parents are “Presidents”. Their main inspiration and motivation has always been to live free in happiness. With Flavon they got a chance to travel around the world, get to exotic places, be with friends, combine pleasure with business, and get to know new people. Recently they are building their network in Europe and in the USA. Their mission is to help others, awaken their dreams, and to give them a tool to put a plan into action. “Flavon is our life from professional, private and familial aspects as well. Marvellous people, unique products and the stable background form a cohesive whole. Therefore, Flavon is the place what we have chosen for our whole life."



Attila grew up in a small city next to Miskolc, he went to technical school there, then he finished his studies at the Faculty of electrical engineering in Győr. Sport was an important part of his life, he achieved the best results in handball, which is a real team sport. This helped him learn endurance, ambitiousness, and the rules of playing in a team. This knowledge and experience was useful in the world of network marketing he was first introduced to when he was struggling with health problems within his family. From the very first moment he saw a serious possibility in it. He had absolutely no idea what to do and how to do, he just felt that this was what he had been looking for in his whole life. He joined the network of Flavon in February 2013. The colourful team of Flavon was enriched by a really dynamic, passionate, hard-nosed, and highly determined young man. He sets the standards for his colleagues to follow, he is a true leader who has reached the presidency rank in 9 months because of his persistent and well-organised work. However, there is no stopping! His aim is – while celebrating the success of a growing number of leader partners - to be given platinum ring decorated with a diamond.



Zsolt completed his post-secondary studies at the department of Marketing and Communication of Budapest Business School and at the University of Physical Education. When he started to work with Flavon, he had already passed 25 years of successful professional sports life, different enterprises and 12 years of successful career at the bank sector. He had known Flavon earlier and was attracted by the high quality products, minimum requirements and the concept of high payback, and that the company always pays the commissions to everyone who is entitled. He likes working with proactive, managing leaders, who have submissive tendencies to obtain and acquire new methods and knowledge. He admires the fact that Flavon puts an emphasis on intellect, personal goals, does not tie its members to obligations, but rather provides an opportunity to people who want more to achieve their goals. What he appreciates most in network marketing are freedom, flexible working hours, team work, constant interactions. His professional goal is to have leaders with at least Diamond Elite or President ranks on 5 different lines who – having an above-average income coupled with enthusiasm - can deal with plenty of their Elite and Team Leader Plus members being in similar situation. As a result, his personal passive income may reach a level that is well definable and would be a tangible, classic amount.

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