Flavon Vital Pack

Flavon Vital Pack


468.00 USD/pack (Price for Consumers: 360.00 USD/pack)

The Flavon Vital Program is a way to change your lifestyle within 60 days which leads your nutrition and lifestyle to the healthy way. Flavon Vital fills you – by taking a few doses a day – with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, pigments and other valuable elements by approximately 135 994 T-ORAC per day! Based on scientific researches, we defined when and which product of Flavon shall be consumed adjusted to the biorhytm. The Flavon Vital Program contains 2 cartons of Flavon products.

The Flavon Vital Program is a good choice because the products...

  • are natural
  • cleanse the body from harmful substances
  • give a vitamin bomb boosting the whole organism
  • contain a wide range of ingredients
  • help to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • contain a number of vegetables and fruits
  • are preservative-free
  • show the way to a healthy, balanced life
  • made mostly of domestic ingredients
  • have good bio-availability
  • are complex
  • contain ingredients chosen in a perfect content and quantity
  • work in a synergistic network
  • are concentrated
First month of Flavon Vital Program
After breakfast: 1 spoonful of Flavon Protect
Forenoon: 1 spoonful of Flavon Max
After lunch: 1 spoonful of Flavon Active
Late afternoon: 1 spoonful of Flavon Max
After dinner: 1 spoonful of Flavon Green 2 hours before sleep
Second month of Flavon Vital Program
After breakfast: 2 spoonfuls of Flavon Max+
After lunch: 1 spoonful of Flavon Joy
After dinner: 1 spoonful of Flavon Green+


After consuming the first carton of Flavon Vital, treat your body which have already got used to healthy lifestyle with Flavon Premium products. From the second month we offer you a revitalizing, long-term consumable program which will complement your daily diet in the best way. The two-month-long program consists of two selected cartons and a Flavon Vital brochure. This brochure includes a detailed description of the program, nutrition and lifestyle advices.

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