Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our environment

Our company promotes green attitude. During the construction of our factory, we met the requirements of environmental protection & we tried to minimize the impacts on the environment. Our aim for the technology’s design was also to choose technical equipment with the lowest pollutant source point. The waste generated during the production is collected, stored selectively & sent to be recycled. Our factory does not generate any hazardous waste! We are proud that our employees also seek to save energy & they feel responsible for the environment.

We honour our colleagues

Keeping responsible operation in mind, our employees are employed in a completely legal form & we reward their work with a salary which allows them quality free-time. We attribute particular importance to improving the rate of employment among young graduates, thus we gladly employ new entrants as well. Flavon provides not only jobs, but career opportunities as well. Our aim is to create a pleasant working environment that provides our employees a better sense of comfort.

We care about our society

It’s important for us to support the operation of foundations & associations which are improving the conditions of disadvantaged people. We contribute to the work of charity organisations by making occasional & regular donations. In the autumn of 2014, Flavon Group made a serious commitment to help the work of the Foundation for Children with Leukemia, which directly supports the institution of Child Haematology & Oncology of the University of Debrecen. Within this cooperation, we regularly take part in many volunteer events & campaigns, and we intend to pursue this activity in the future as well.

We support sportsmen

As a company that manufactures and distributes dietary supplements, health preservation is of paramount importance to us. We are proud to support athletes like Olympic champion kayaker Bálint Kopasz, Hungarian national walking champion Dávid Tokodi, junior gold medallist karate player Virág Erdélyi and national champion karate player Vivien Vórincsák. We are also delighted to be a key sponsor of the more than 90-year-old cyclist Feri Novák, who has won 200 championships and holds multiple Guinness records. In autumn 2014, two new additions were made to the Flavon sports team: we continued to focus on local talent, becoming sponsors of the DVSE Debrecen water polo team and of Endre László Steel Challenge European Champion shooter. For several years, we have also been donating products to the Majorette Ensemble of Mezőberény (Mezőberényi Mazsorett Együttes), founded in 2004, who put on great performances.

We provide professional development

At Flavon, our aim is to give our staff & Club Members the best knowledge possible. Therefore, in 2011 we established our Training Center in Balatonvilágos, which provides an excellent environment for professional courses & workshops from May to October. The Center has its own waterfront & sauna, thus it also provides great entertainment for all participants when professional programs end.

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