Mrs. Krisztina Jungne Kovacs (M-00004)

„ Go through the fire, maybe it can inflame you! ”

What I would tell about myself
Hungary, 1075. Budapest, Madach Imre ter 7.

Tel.: +36-1-317-51-96, +36-30-848-22-44

My own story with Flavon Max

Motto: „According to the laws of aerodynamics, a bumble-bee is unfit for flying due to its structure, shape and proportions. However, since the bumblebee is unaware of this, it flies joyfully.”
As a matter of fact, my story also began in the same way as that of the unknowing bumble-bee,” as 20 years ago I had no idea what network marketing was, and, of course, how much learning awaited me in this business. I just simply “entered,” and a door to a new world opened to me.
The door to a new, more independent, wealthier and healthier world. In our profession there is a saying – who has already had a taste of MLM, can never be diverted from the ideal of an independent life and passive income, from the pleasure of creative and still independent work which is based on multiplication and taking responsibility.
That’s what happened to me, too. As a pedagogue, I did not know anything about Network Marketing, so I started without any knowledge of this profession. Still, the infinite enthusiasm and the belief in my sponsors’ knowledge yielded successes that I not only did not dare to set as aims when I joined, but I did not dream about at all either.
After the years of active networking, as an independent trainer not engaged to any company, I could always co-operate the most effectively with people who worked enthusiastically on reaching their aims, believed in the mission of their company and their sponsors’ instructions, and were committed to sponsor their colleagues, and passed on both their theoretical and practical knowledge they obtained.
I preserve the memory of the day in my heart when László Gaál offered the opportunity of club membership in his new group that started that time as a great honour and the beginning of a new, significant chapter in my life. Since Hanni and Laci had set an excellent example to networkers both humanly and professionally for the previous one and a half decade, I was sure that I could work at a great place, with great people, for great aims in this Club.
I feel fortunate, because the members of my family are there for me in all, they have regularly consumed the Flavon max products from the very first moment, and they also accepted this business as a family enterprise. They are continually supporting my work day by day, support and enable me to forward the message of Flavon with pleasure and enthusiasm.
Many people have asked me many times what I consider real success. Well, my answer is very simple, since it is not money and badges that mean real success for me but friends who trust us and who we can work together with.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friends that they joined me and due to their work this fantastic group of 125,000 people could be built up.
Unfortunately, in the frame of this article I do not have the opportunity to thank every colleague of mine for their enthusiasm with that they contributed to the qualifications of my 9 Presidency Club Members, 43 Diamond Elite and 78 Elite Club leaders, and the success of people who reached the Team Leader or Team Leader Plus level (all together more than 854 leaders in my group in 38 countries).
My aim is that Flavon Group would not pay even one cent Managerial Bonus to me due to the fact that every friend and partner of mine reached the highest leadership level set up by the Gaál family and can enjoy the rewards related to that, health and success!

Who am I waiting for to my group?

. . . . . . . . not war "