What does Flavon offer to you?
  • natural dietary supplement
  • high fruit and vegetable concentrate
  • 100% natural product
  • unique natural gel-consistency
  • simple consumption
  • health protection
  • high commission
  • simple and transparent business
  • stabile passive income

The product

In the 21st century we are exposed to such mental and physical challenges every day which our body cannot overcome alone. It needs support which is ensured by dietary supplements. It is important to choose one that is effective, easy to consume, contains natural ingredients, no risk for health and provides a taste experience. The Flavon products are perfectly consistent with all these criteria.

We can easily cover the recommended daily amount with only one spoon of Flavon. Our products have been proving for 10 years now on the international market of dietary supplements: they have been recognized by several Hungarian and international awards. They are made from carefully selected and quality checked fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant content. They are made with gentle, unique production technology without preservatives. The unique, natural gel-consistency of the products ensures the optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

Their effectiveness lies in the high antioxidant capacity which is expressed by the ORAC value.

The Network

Uniquely in Europe, the production and distribution of the Flavon products coordinated in one hand since there is one Hungarian family enterprise standing behind the company group.

For the healthy and balanced life we need financial security as well.

Flavon offers you a solution for that as well: you can build your own business without any significant financial investment. Through the distribution strategy the more people you share the innovation of Flavon the higher income you can achieve. The company pays based on your results, a passive income gets generated through your team. You can receive from an exceptionally high, 65% payback system right from the start.

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