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At Flavon, the Members who achieved the most outstanding results also have a major role in the essential topics relating to the network: before deciding, Management asks for & values their opinion, and their suggestions may influence key decisions. So, by enforcing common interest, we have created an optimal environment that is favourable to both the company’s Management & our partners, which is the key for successful work full of results. Learn more about the leaders who reached the highest ranks at Flavon so far!




According to Kriszta, in order to reach outstanding results only a few components are needed: enthusiasm, belief in our sponsor’s knowledge & our company’s mission, following the guidelines of our role models, committed support of our workmates, and understandable transmission of the theoretical & practical knowledge accumulated. The owners of Flavon, Johanna Sziklás & László Gaál gave her a prime example in these regards.

Real success is not about money or badges. She believes success means having friends she can trust in & work with.

She’s grateful to her friends who joined her, thanks to whose work a fantastic team including nearly 200,000 people has been created. She’s also thankful for the enthusiasm of each of her colleagues that contributed to the emergence of Krisztina’s 7 President Club Members. More than 50 Diamond Elite & nearly 100 Elite Leaders have qualified in her team, and many of them reached Team Leader & Team Leader Plus ranks (all together more than 1000 Leaders have qualified in 32 countries).



Barbara is a professional artist who graduated from college as a manager, while Ryszard is an electrical mechanic by profession. They learned about the opportunity offered by Flavon in 2006. Their work at Flavon has been honored by numerous awards & prizes, they are professionals who provide the utmost in all walks of life. Ryszard is proudest of receiving the MLM Business Awards Top Leader award in 2015, meaning that based on his performance in the previous year, he was chosen as the number one highest-paid MLM Leader in Poland. They believe that Flavon is the best decision they have ever made. Their enthusiasm has been growing proportionally with the passing of the years & the growth of experience. They’re excited about the future because they would like to do & achieve much more. Their focus is on opening new markets & also ensure comfortable conditions for their colleagues - no matter in which corner of the world they are - to be able to work & improve properly. Both are extremely proud of their network, which they plan to build their future upon with Flavon, and that’s how they would like to grow old.



It was 25 years ago, that Ewa was desperately looking for an opportunity to make money. At that time, she worked for the Department of Public Health & Epidemiology, and she was very dissatisfied with her job. That was the time when MLM knocked on her door, and she fell in love with it immediately. She had gained experience in different companies & then heard about Flavon in 2006. “Heart beating & delusion” – said Ewa who finally found what she was looking for. Her excitement & enthusiasm soon turned into passion, because she found the tool for her desired lifestyle. Today she & her husband, Janek, proudly promote the business both in Poland & beyond its borders. One of her biggest teams works in the United Kingdom, with fantastic Leaders from London. The security that Flavon provides is important to her. She likes having a business that makes people’s hearts jump & guarantees a better, fulfilling life for those who make an effort. She loves the sparkle in their eyes when they discover the health, success & satisfaction represented by Flavon.



Ferenc lives in Zalaegerszeg with his family, who are the greatest motivation for him. Earlier in his life he was constantly looking for possibilities & tried many things, also worked for multi-level marketing companies with more or less success. He had been working for an insurance company for years when he got acquainted with Flavon in 2004, and he immediately knew that this was the opportunity he had been waiting for: a likeable product, simple marketing, and attainable passive income. He started to work with great intensity & even greater enthusiasm, and the results came fast, Flavon proved itself. He is really proud of his colleagues & Leaders, thanks to whom Flavon has reached tens of thousands of families. The greatest satisfaction in his work is that he can help them reach their goals & can be part of their successes. As he sees it, the most unique thing at Flavon is the company’s reward system, the recognition for people’s work & performance. He took part in plenty of reward trips with his colleagues, with whom he can think alike. Alike, however differently from the usual. He believes that is the secret!

His motto: “… I have learned that everybody wants to live at the top of the mountain, without realizing that true happiness lies in the way we climb the slope.”



Before Flavon, Emilia and Piotr as employees worked for smaller and larger companies as well, then aiming at becoming independent they established their own business, so they perfectly know the difference between being an employee, an entrepreneur and being part of network marketing. They have two children who are taught to be health-conscious by people who are eager to succeed. The children often say proudly in the nursery that their parents are “Presidents”. Their main inspiration and motivation has always been to live free in happiness. With Flavon they got a chance to travel around the world, get to exotic places, be with friends, combine pleasure with business, and get to know new people. Recently they are building their network in Europe and in the USA. Their mission is to help others, awaken their dreams, and to give them a tool to put a plan into action. “Flavon is our life from professional, private and familial aspects as well. Marvellous people, unique products and the stable background form a cohesive whole. Therefore, Flavon is the place what we have chosen for our whole life."



Attila grew up in a small city next to Miskolc, where he went to technical school, then he finished his studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Győr. Sport was an important part of his life, he achieved his best results in handball, which is a real team sport. Sport taught him endurance, ambition, and how to play as a team. This knowledge & experience was useful in the world of network marketing, to which he was first introduced when he was struggling with health problems within his family. From the very first moment, he saw a serious opportunity in it. He had absolutely no idea what to do & how, he just felt that this was what he had been looking for his whole life. He joined Flavon’s network in February 2013. The colorful team of Flavon was enriched by a young man who’s extremely dynamic & passionate, has enormous willpower & even greater ambition. Attila sets the standard to follow for his colleagues, he is a true leader who has reached the rank of President in 9 months, thanks to his persistent and well-organised work. There’s no stopping however! His aim is - while celebrating the success of a growing number of leader partners - to be among the first who are awarded a diamond encrusted platinum ring by Management.



Zsolt completed his higher education at the faculty of Marketing & Communication of the Budapest Business School, and at the University of Physical Education. When he started working with Flavon in 2013, he already had behind him 25 years of successful professional sports experience, several business ventures, and a 12-year-long accomplished career in the banking sector. He knew Flavon earlier & was attracted by the high-quality products, minimal requirements & the concept of a high payback, and the fact that this company always pays the commissions due. He likes working with proactive, leading personalities, who are humble enough to accept & acquire new knowledge & methods. He admires the fact that Flavon puts an emphasis on intellect, personal goals, doesn’t force anything on its Members, but rather provides an opportunity to people who want to achieve more. What he appreciates most in network marketing are freedom, flexible working hours, teamwork, constant interactions. His professional goal is to have leaders with at least Diamond Elite or President ranks on 5 different lines, who - thanks to their above-average income & enthusiasm - can handle their numerous Elite & Team Leader Plus Members being in similar situation. As a result, his personal passive income may reach a level that is a classic, well-definable & tangible amount.



In 2016, when Nadejda first heard about Flavon, she already had experience as an entrepreneur. Together with her husband they have been running a business for 15 years, they love what they do and they work hard. Even working 80 hours a week often does not prove to be enough for them and they also take significant risks. Thanks to these and luck they have achieved success. They became free with decent passive income, which allows them a good standard of living.
Nadejda is passionate about natural health, she has always made sure to choose the best in this area. She believes that the wisest investment is made in health, so meeting Flavon was love at first sight for her. She loves the products and this way of supporting one’s health immediately appealed to her.
She was also attracted by the business model, the opportunity to work with unique, world-class products, to share her experience and knowledge with her partners and colleagues, to belong to a community where people care about their health and want to achieve more in life, just like her. She loves the freedom provided by her Flavon-business: she works wherever and whenever she wants, in any way she wants. She loves to travel. By travelling she not only gains experience, but it’s her strategy to expand her business. In her opinion, when you do what you love, work becomes joy and the joy is even bigger when you share it with your friends.
This business has shown her that she’s capable of more than she thought and it also made her a better person.



Stefka is an energy engineer, after finishing her studies she worked in Bulgaria’s only nuclear power plant, the Kozloduj plant for 10 years. The knowledge and experience she gained there proved to be invaluable for her work in management and sales of 15 years at 3 different international companies in the private sector. After an extremely difficult experience she left the corporate sector and she dedicated the following 5 years to her own business as well as her emotional and physical recovery.
This is when she met Flavon.
At first, she was sceptical, she chose to “only” consume and promote the products and at the same time she was sure she will not join the MLM business. Today, after 4 years of her first attendance at a national event at the Balaton, in Hungary she has built a stable network and proudly sponsors her team of excellent, smart, energetic and intelligent young people. Three of them have already reached the Presidency rank and together they’re planning to expand their activities beyond Bulgaria’s borders.
Her motto is: “If I could achieve this without wanting it, then anyone else can, too. If someone asks me, I’ll show them how to do it! Because I already know that Flavon gives meaning, new perspectives, great opportunities for independence, we can reach financial stability and make our dreams come true with it.



Before joining MLM, she worked full-time, and later on, she was running several different traditional businesses simultaneously for 11 years. Then she got to know Flavon products that had beneficial effects on her daughter’s health, whom she raises alone. The opportunity for realizing freedom in time, financial independence and also self-fulfilment motivated her to start working with Flavon. She set her goals and the steps necessary for her personal development.
She owes her success to her diligence, commitment, loyalty and to her love for people. She is grateful for every person with whom she works together, because each of them is special and unique. She believes that at Flavon everybody can find something special for themselves, just like she did. She has already fulfilled her goals but she always has new dreams to realize.



Magdalena and Dariusz have been in a loving marriage for twenty years and have two wonderful, adult sons. Ever since they were young, they have been passionate about their personal development and striving for freedom and financial independence. They gained professional experience in various fields, worked with multinational corporations, and eventually started their own businesses. They were very hardworking and open to new opportunities, that's why they set up and closed several companies seeking optimal solutions for various projects. For over twenty years, they have been involved in real estate investments, and have been proudly representing the Flavon brand for ten years. This business means them passion and a key to a successful life, because it gives them unlimited opportunities to build up new markets, meet people, make friends, create new solutions, travel and help others. They are fascinated by the development of a consumer network, the results of its creation and bringing this value into the lives of others.

As entrepreneurs coming from traditional business, they especially appreciate stability and security of the MLM’s recommendation system, the quality and uniqueness of the products and the friendly environment.

They use their professional experience gained during their daily work with their members, building new, stable teams. These are managed by leaders in many Polish cities, who have achieved different leadership levels: Diamond, Elite, Team Leaders Plus and Team Leader.

At Flavon they appreciate the financial security resulting from passive income, the quality time spent together and the opportunity of traveling together. As satisfied parents it’s important for them that they brought up their children in the spirit of respect for people and work and personal entrepreneurship.

Their principle is: "Take what you want from life, but earn and deserve it!"



Piroska was born on the northern slopes of the Bakony, in a semi-natural environment. The joy of sport and physical activities came into her life at the age of 10, and the success she experienced in handball at an early age gave her a huge boost. She later tried other sports (volleyball, table tennis) and experienced many challenges in sport. These were wonderful years for her: her parents taught her to work and there was always something to do on the family farm. Her higher education in commerce and then finance led her to the business world. Eight years ago, an inner voice inspired her make changes in her business of nearly 30 years. She now knows that this decision was made at the right time. Her work at Flavon started in 2013, at the invitation of two iconic leaders. They presented her the opportunity of Flavon with exemplary respect, and she immediately said yes. Working together, planning together and thinking consciously make her feel good. In September 2020, her team's turnover broke a record and she became a Presidency Leader. She is proud of Flavon's successes, recognition and awards.
Her mission is the message of Flavon's "HEALTH AND SUCCESS" philosophy, to take the product, the value and treasure of this world-class Hungarian patent to every family.



Desislava has a degree in mathematics and computer science and has worked with software for many years. She had acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in this field, but she was not satisfied because she had to do her tasks the way someone else wanted her to do them, not the way she saw them. Later, when she became a mother, many things in her life changed, including her priorities. It was then that she felt the urgent need for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Seeking opportunities to do so, she set up her own business, which has enabled her to provide clean, additive-free food to her child and helped many mothers in similar situations. When she had her second child, she had to choose between the two businesses. Despite the prospects and career opportunities in the software industry, she chose her company dealing with clean food to have more time for her family. Two years later, in 2018, Flavon came into her life and it was like a missing piece of a puzzle. At first, she didn't understand how it worked, exactly how to build a business. She had no experience with MLM, but she had deep-seated inhibitions. Fortunately, she received a great deal of support from her sponsor, Stefka Ninova. Together they started something, and at that time neither of them had any idea that it will become so huge and in such a short time. Today, she says that joining Flavon was one of the best decisions she has ever made, and she is fulfilled by her work as a networker.


Presidency Leader

For Edit, value creation, freedom and responsibility are the most important words to live by. As a professional networker, she represents a new and innovative direction in the Hungarian and international market. Her story started in a rather ordinary way. As a girl from Debrecen, she moved to the capital to study economics at university, and when she entered the labour market, she felt ready to realise her goals. However, the tight constraints of being an employee, the fixed working hours and the uniforms made her feel "suffocated" after a while. She dreamed of a career and a lifestyle where success would not come from pressure and expectations from above, but from inspiration from within. Where there are no constraints, no supervisors and you can sit down with yourself to negotiate your salary.

She lives her life as a full-time networker and enjoys all the benefits of her profession together with her family. Her business has reached over 20 countries and she currently coordinates an international team of thousands of people. Life coaching, career planning and wellness as a way of life have become part of her life. Her goal is to unlock the potential of her members and to provide a vision, alongside a superior product and service, to those who put their trust in her, both in terms of their health and the management of their lives.

What her team has achieved is unique. She has created a 21st century system that can be operated online and stripped it of any network mark she could not identify with. For her, the focus is always on people and the greatest value is human relationships.

She loves her profession and believes that everyone deserves the opportunity of such a dynamic business and true freedom.



Mariyana believes that her original profession - software engineering and testing - has given her many valuable things to work with at Flavon: to test, explore, experience and persevere until she learns the greatest benefits of the products. This led her to Hungary and to Flavon’s stage – it was the place where she first felt strong and special. Her curiosity and restless nature drove her forward as she plunged into the deep waters of nutritional and dietetic knowledge. She decided it was time to make the change and lead a healthy lifestyle, and in order to do so she had to adjust a lot of things in her family - eating habits, lifestyle - so they could live the life they wanted to live, to be healthy. She wanted a better life for herself and her family. She enrolled in various homeopathic and dietetic courses, attended numerous seminars and personal development courses. Month by month, things were falling into place, her son - who used to get sick a lot - was getting healthier and her family was getting happier. She told her loved ones about all the changes that were happening, which was a miracle for her! More and more vibrant, bright, talented, young people joined her team. Thanks to Flavon, she has found true friends, people who can think together with her. She has found a great team and community of mothers who are a pleasure to work with. She has created a group of like-minded people with common problems, common joys, common goals and hopes. Her passion for Flavon, as a hobby and a complementary activity, has made this work her full-time job, replacing her previous one. Along with her enthusiasm, she has managed to balance her life as a tester, mother and missionary for Flavon. Her motto: "The way is in the training, in the practice, until you reach the ultimate and satisfying result."

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