Flavon is an innovative opportunity, a means to financial independence that is available to anyone. This is a well-tried concept that allows everyone to work on equal terms and with equal chances, from the moment they buy their first carton. By consuming our award-winning products, you can embark on a path to a health-conscious life, and by joining our network of partners, you can become part of an inspiring, positive team.

You can build a business where you don't collapse under the expectations, you can work whenever you want, as much as you want. Take the advantage, reap the benefits of a globally superior compensation plan and discover the business potential of a market of hundreds of millions of people!


We recognise the hard work of our networkers not only with outstanding bonuses, but also with extra benefits. We believe that appreciation and recognition are the greatest motivators, and when goals and dreams are achieved, both for the individual and the team, it is a win-win situation. The more satisfied our members are, the more our company is able to grow.

We therefore try to inspire our partners with qualifications, special programs and holidays. Common experiences and time spent together provide us and our partners with unforgettable memories; they can be a foundation and a tool to recruit new members.


Flavon has created a simple, easy-to-understand commission system that is unique on the market. The compensation plan provides exceptional rewards to those who spread the word about our products, who promote our business opportunity, who recruit new partners.

The 60% basic commission* is available to all active members, you do not need to reach any leadership levels; there are no requirements for side volume or network structure. There are two types of bonuses: a quick-start bonus and a passive income. With the quick start bonus you can turn your work into cash immediately! The 6 active sponsors receive a 20-10-10-5-5-10% commission for each new recruit’s activation carton, in the first two months. You can also earn passive income. The 12 active sponsors each earn 5-5% commission for a member’s activation carton, after the member’s quick start period is over (from the 3rd month after joining).

On top of the 60% basic commission, our members who reach leadership levels can also receive a leadership bonus of 1-5% based on their monthly results. It's an additional benefit that can motivate you and help you reach new goals.

* calculated from the base price