Flavon has grown from a family business to a professionally managed international company with several companies, its own production facility and offices. The companies' ownership and decision-making body has remained unchanged since the beginning. The main pillar of the company's successful and stable operation is the fact that everything is in one hand. Beside the members of the Gaál family, we have colleagues playing leading roles in the management team, who - having competent knowledge and great qualities - represent the company with honour and pride.


László Gaál


He graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1975. At that time, one could not establish an enterprise in Hungary, so he started to work as an employee. When he got the chance in the last years of socialism, he became an entrepreneur. He first got acquainted with network marketing in 1993 and immediately fell in love with it. Thanks to his hard work, in a short time he ended up leading an international team with thousands of people. He worked in two American-owned networks, which distributed dietary supplements, and reached the highest rank in Hungary in both. As a networker, he had insight into the Hungarian and international expansions, could see the mistakes and finally decided to establish an MLM company that focuses on networkers, by minimizing requirements and maximizing bonuses. That is how Flavon was born in 2004, and he still takes an active part in its daily operation. He does his best to make Flavon products well-known, expand the network to global markets and provide the most optimal company background possible. His goal hasn’t changed since the first day: getting the high-quality Flavon products to every corner of the world, through an innovative network in which the members – based on their own and their team’s performance – may receive commission that is uniquely high in the world. He is looking for MLM leaders who could help him make the Flavon brand known in palces where it hasn’t been introduced yet.

She was a music teacher by profession. With her husband, László Gaál, they jumped into the network marketing business and achieved success together, using these results and experiences to launch their own MLM network in 2004. Therefore, Johanna has been engaged in the improvement and operation of the family enterprise from the beginning. With her unbridled enthusiasm and committed support, she ensures the stability, people- and family-centered style, and friendly atmosphere of Flavon.

In their company philosophy, the motto "HEALTH AND SUCCESS" is of great importance, her take on it are this: "I believe that a healthy person is someone who is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, has financial security, lives in harmony with their family and friends, is at peace with themselves and the people around them, and can achieve their goals."

Johanna Sziklás


László Gaál Jr.


He graduated from the Budapest Business University as an economist in 2004, after which he immediately started to work in the family business. He was born into the MLM profession, as a child he often accompanied his parents on business trips both in Hungary and in foreign countries. He uses his English and German proficiency for communication on a daily basis, holding presentations and meetings, thus continuously improving his language skills. At Flavon, he has a major role in opening new markets, and successfully carries forward the unique combination of values that is Flavon's business concept and its multi-award winning product range. He has shared his network marketing experience and leadership skills gained during the last decades in numerous presentations; thousands of leadership qualifications were achieved thanks to his support. He sponsors leaders in various countries and motivates hundreds of people with his encouraging words at every event.


Tamás Szabó


Tamás received his agricultural engineer diploma with a Dean’s Award from the University of Debrecen in 2003. During the years he spent at the university, he had already gained some leadership experience as the president of the Committee for Students’ Well-Being. After graduation, he started to work at GéSz Gaál és Sziklás Kft. As the colleague having the longest career at Flavon, he’s had a significant role in product development and notification, coordination of investments, and managing logistics. The range of his activities has been widened together with the company’s growth. When production began in the company’s facility in Vámospércs, production management became his main task, from the precurement the raw ingredients to the delivery of the final products. The production department under his direction has developed 8 products, successfully passed annual ISO auditions and numerous other inspections with positive evaluation, carried out by the relevant authorities. All of these prove the effectiveness of his responsible work.

He completed his higher education in 1967 at the University of Debrecen, then worked with academic Dr. Rezső Bognár for more than 25 years. His field of research focuses on the analytics of plant compounds and their physiological effects. Within plant compounds, he paid special attention to polyphenols and flavonoids. During his career, he has published over 200 scientific articles and written 8 books. He’s spent long periods in many countries of the world, participated in several research programs and projects, and continues to do so today. Aiming to prevent disorders and illnesses, even today the main goal of his life is “to do something for healthy aging with nutrition and lifestyle, by supplementing our diet”. He’s been working with Flavon dietary supplements since 2005, and he is happy to provide the scientific background for the deservedly world-class products.

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Dinya