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Flavon Green

Regular vegetable consumption is a significant and inevitable part of healthy nutrition. Vegetables supply our body with essential nutrients, fibre and vitamins and have a beneficial effect on our general well-being. Flavon Green is a revolutionary product, a true innovation for vegetable consumption that reshapes previous habits.

OÉTI notification number: 10027/2011

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Flavon Green provides the positive physiological effects of vegetables in a complex way. The included vegetables help us maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fibres.

Although numerous researches prove that regular vegetable consumption protects our health, only a few people consume the required amount day by day. Flavon Green can be the solution, because we can cover the significant part of the daily vegetable intake with a product constituted of only well-selected ingredients of high quality.

The consumption of Flavon Green is recommended for adults

  • who cannot ensure the sufficient intake of vegetables
  • who consider it important to continuously take vitamins & minerals from a pure source
  • who would like to consume vegetables in a new form they haven’t tried before
  • who are conscious consumers, as part of a modern diet


Recommended daily intake: 1 measuring spoon once or twice a day after your meal. You can find the measuring spoon packaged with our product.

Detailed information about the nutritional values of Flavon Green can be found on the package of the product, as well as under the Ingredients menu.

Flavon Green provides the benefits of healthy vegetables like broccoli, celery, carrot & spinach in a complex, easily consumable gel-consistency form. To reach an even more complex & perfect effect, we also use wheatgrass that is deservedly popular, spirulina algae that is considered a versatile novelty nowadays, green tea known for its excellent antioxidant effects, and garlic that has been cherished for centuries. Because of their various positive effects, sea buckthorn, parsley & grapefruit are also major ingredients of the product.





Spirulina algae

Sea buckthorn

Green tea






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This product contains celery.
Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.
Enjoy a varied balanced diet and active lifestyle for good health.
Do not exceed amounts stated in the Directions for use!
Keep out of the reach of childrenThis product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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