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While growing older, we are exposed to more and more stress and that is why it is important to pay attention to the warning signs of our body and to be protected against the harmful external effects. Flavon Protect can be the key to this secure protection.

OÉTI notification number: 11121/2012

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One of the basic pillars to support our body is a balanced & varied diet, the intake of plant substances, minerals & vitamins, which can be partly ensured by regular, everyday consumption of fruits & vegetables.

A good diet is especially important if we had an inadequate diet at an earlier stage of our life, were formerly addicted to bad eating habits, or were the victims of restricted possibilities. Thanks to its ingredients, Flavon Protect can make our diet varied & protect our body.

The consumption of Flavon Protect is recommended

  • for middle-aged people, up to the older generation
  • if you feel your body needs more protection
  • if you would like to consume fruits in concentrated form
  • if you would like to enjoy the synergy of the special ingredients


Recommended daily intake: adults should take 1 measuring spoon once or twice a day after meal. You can find the measuring spoon packaged with our product.

Detailed information about the nutritional values of Flavon Protect can be found on the package of the product, as well as under the Ingredients menu.

Flavon Protect includes ingredients, each of which contains different polyphenol compounds. These ingredients were selected by the criteria of having the highest possible content of natural pigments, minerals & vitamins.


Black elderberry

Grape seed


Sour cherry

Rose hips

Black chokeberry (aronia)



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Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.
Enjoy a varied balanced diet and active lifestyle for good health.
Do not exceed amounts stated in the Directions for use!
Keep out of the reach of childrenThis product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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