Flavon Vital VIP Pack

Flavon VIP Vital Pack


Content of Flavon Vital VIP Pack:

Consists of 4 Flavon Vital Packs. A Flavon Vital Pack consists of 2 cartons ‒ one basic and one premium. Based on scientific research we set out exactly when and which Flavon product you should take optimally adapted to your biorhythm. The two-month-long program consists of two cartons and a Flavon Vital brochure. The brochure includes a detailed description of the program, as well as lifestyle and diet recommendations.
Purchase payback for Flavon Vital VIP Pack is now deducted from the price of the VIP pack! Discount of 140 EUR will be automatically applied at the purchase.
Instead of 1 080 EUR you may get 8 cartons of products, become a VIP member and enjoy the advantages of this membership only for 940 EUR!
VIP membership benefits:

  • Leadership business position
  • Access to the Flavon Training Center for the first 3 months
  • Complete network turnover review
  • Special reports
  • Own website with a chosen name and @flavonmax.com email address (according to the conditions set in the Organizational and Operational Regulations)
  • VIP badge, priority seats at Flavon national events

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