Origin of ingredients


Our company produces special dietary supplements manufactured with unique procedures and technology. From the purchase of the ingredients, through the production, packaging, quality control and storing, everything is concentrated in one hand and is handled at one place, in our production plant.

We paid special attention while designing mechanisms of production that meet the strictest food safety regulations. Before being traded, our products are sent to a competent body in Hungary to obtain expert opinion from OGYÉI/OÉTI (National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition). The distribution in different countries is preceded by the notification procedure in each country.

We are proud that fruits and vegetables added to our products are harvested when they are biologically, not artificially ripen , therefore they have a high amount of nutritional value (vitamin and flavonoid). A very important fact is that only components having the highest nutritional value and clear of any chemical pollution are added to our products.

Our major suppliers are from Hungary, Italy, Germany and France. Trust of decades defines our relationship with most of them. We pay special attention to the selection of suppliers. In all cases we ask for a sample from the offered product that is analysed by an accredited analytical and microbiological laboratory. According to the results, we choose the given product only if they ensure uninterrupted supply. This is as important as the proper quality and the high nutritional values.

Some of our ingredients come from organic farming. Our suppliers have professional background and strict quality assurance systems guaranteeing that each fruit to be processed meets the highest requirements.

Both the materials we receive and the finished products are tested by different European accredited laboratories. Test reports prove that our products do not contain any preservatives or pesticides.

Active substances of fruits and vegetables are present in a concentrated form in Flavon products. Each jar includes the exact amount indicated on the label and is traded with the appropriate notification.

Our products are manufactured and delivered under highly regulated conditions and constant monitoring. We can ensure safe and legal food production and delivery by applying the HACCP system.

To achieve this, we apply the IFS Food standard, one of the strictest and most versatile quality management systems. For us it was a voluntary decision to set up and maintain this practice at our establishment, and TÜV RHEINLAND performs annual audits to verify that everything is being done according to the requirements.

Introduction to the production

The GÉSZ Gaál és Sziklás Kft. produces dietary supplements with high content of antioxidants based on its own recipe. This product-line has specific compositional characteristics and production technology tested by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition which has approved the production based on its experts’ opinion.

Our products are also tested by WESSLING, SGS, and the accredited laboratories of the University of Debrecen and their appropriateness is compiled in their experts’ opinion reports. For the production of our products we use exclusively materials that have been tested and also have outstanding quality, certification and aseptic package. During the exceptionally indulgent production process we constantly check the temperature of the products to make sure that the vitamins, enzymes and other active substances are not damaged. All machines were manufactured of stainless steel in a unique way while standards have not been applied, they also have undergone hygienic analysis required by the Institute of Food Inspection.

We package our products manually with the highest possible precision.

The analysis of the finished products’ content of the active substances has been tested by independent laboratories at regular intervals and the results are documented.

The aim of the Gész Gaál és Sziklás Kft. is to satisfy the Consumers’ demands fully by manufacturing safe products assuring constantly high quality. It also adapts to the ever changing market demands and meets the regulations of the ethical business behaviour.

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